When trying to improve yourself, it’s really easy not to see any progress. You might be trying really hard and putting in the work but it just doesn’t look like anything is happening.

All of your work is not in vain. It’s just that the progress you’re making is so incremental that you can’t really see it. It’s like when you plant a seed and you’re watering it every day and it just looks like nothing is happening. Something is happening. It’s slowly building itself up into a tiny plant, but you won’t be able to see it for a few days. During those first few days you just keep watering even though there’s no evidence of progress.

If you only compare your skill level to recent times like yesterday then the difference will be too small to see. Between days or even weeks, you might only make 0.1% progress. But if you look back further, like a few months or a year, you will find that you’ve improved much more than you thought. You may not be exactly where you want to be yet but you are definitely further along than you were last year.

Once you’re putting in the work, just trust in the process. Don’t mind that it’s just 0.1% progress you’ve made today. In 1 year when you add up all those 0.1%’s, you’ll find that you’ve taken a huge leap forward in your journey.

Don’t ever be discouraged by your apparent lack of progress.

Know that the work you’re doing today, even though it looks insignificant, is what’s going to shape you in the long run.