“It’s like the rest of the world is happening and I’m just here watching it. I’m a ghost.” “Life may be terrible, but I’m guaranteed to die anyway, so there’s not much point in doing it myself.” “Maybe this is the next logical progression for the tech world after the startup hype dies down.” “Loneliness is one thing I can’t get rid of. It doesn’t matter how much people I have around me.” “If even one person finds it useful, then that’s worth it, because one person matters a lot.” “Your perspective might be the one that someone else relates to the most.” “I’d see all these rich people dressed up and standing in line to see Hamilton at the Orpheum Theater and a few feet away from them was a crowd of homeless people who didn’t know where the fuck their next meal was coming from.” “Instead we can strive for balance, and always find some time in the day to do things that we care about. Because that’s what really keeps us alive.” “That’s powerful because it means that instead of having these few big corporations that try to do everything for everyone, we’ll end up with many small projects that solve specific problems for their community.” “When you really begin to think outside the box, then either something’s wrong with you, or something’s wrong with everyone else. And everyone else would much prefer the former.”





I am defined by my actions, not my words. Every value that I write down is irrelevant if I do not take the actions that they require.


Learning improves my ability to identify and solve interesting problems. It enables me to grow more and be better than I was yesterday. It is the essence of improvement.


I am responsible for my life. The things that got me into this situation are not my fault, but dealing with them is my responsibility. How far I get in the world is up to me, and I will not blame people or circumstances for my lack of results.


I will share my thoughts freely. The world benefits from having as much diverse perspectives as possible, and I deserve to be heard as much as anyone else. I will not underestimate the power of my words.


Being honest allows everyone else to have an accurate representation of who I am. Even if people don’t like what I say, at least I’m being real. There is no value in having people like a fake version of me.


Being able to see things from other perspectives is valuable. I only have one lens to see the world through, and there is no way it’s completely accurate. The more perspectives I am able to adopt and learn about, the closer my mental model of the world will be to reality. The more clearly I can see the world, the better it is for me and everyone else.

Problem Solving

The world is filled with problems. If I don’t do something about them, then the problems will remain unsolved. It is my responsibility to take action to solve the most important problems that I am capable of solving.


If I think that I know everything, I will never learn anything new. I will go into interactions with an open mind, ready to learn from the other person. Everyone I meet is better than me in some way, and I will do my best to learn from them.


I am going to die. In the face of death, there is nothing to be afraid of, and nothing to hold me back. I will make the most of the time I have now. I will stare death in the eyes, and live boldly, in rebellion.